ONE-On-ONE Coaching

  • Career Discovery

  • Career Strategy

  • Online Profile Mgmt

  • Career Situations

  • Resume Revision

Group Career Coaching

  • Career Discovery

  • Career Strategy

  • Online Profile Mgmt

  • Career Transition

  • First 90 Days on the Job

Professional Lifestyle Coaching

  • Workday Time Mgmt

  • Workplace Influences

  • Workplace Relationships

  • Workplace Body Language

  • Workday Priming Activities


Why ONE-On-ONE Coaching?

Get some focused direction and individualized attention on improving professional development progress.  Our clients experience a 30% to 40% increase in income as well as a leveled up promotion in professional status with the first 1 to 2 years.

Why Group Career Coaching?

Gather with other growth-minded professionals and get guidance on improving your professional development progress.  Our clients experience an increases in income, promotion and in professional status while expanding their professional network with fellow group class members.

Why Professional Lifestyle Coaching?

There are so many situations in the workplace that occur everyday.  Get some best practices to handle theses scenarios in ways that will continue to add value to your career progress.  Work and operate with wisdom and maturity in each situation at work.


Knowing Your Professional Gifts:  ADVANTAGE = YOU

Many people really don’t know who they are personally and professionally.  This is a problem for you the professional, but not as much for employers.

Why so?

Employers are paying employees to get a job done.  If they do not, then they get someone else.  They are not required to properly position you career-wise or even develop your skills.  Your skill-set (gift) positioning and development is your responsibility and yours alone.

Not knowing your natural gifts means:

  • You don’t how to position yourself for true success

  • It limits your ability to provide the lifestyle you truly desire

  • Places you at the mercy of whatever environment or groups of people/organizations

True success is inevitable when you take active ownership of your skills and the progression of their growth.  You create this inevitability by:

  • Discovering your individual gifts

  • Leaning the best way to grow and position them

  • Design a plan to grow get the most from them

  • Execute the plan and track the progress

The fact is that your dream professional lifestyle is attainable.  We can help you learn to actively identify and manage the influencing factors that are and are not be in-line with bringing your professional dream into reality.

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