Our Philosophy

Morpheus and Neo within the “Construct” from the movie “The Matrix”


My Digital Self, LLC (MDS) get its name from the Matrix movie series.  In the movie, the concept of residual self-image is visually displayed, where persons who existed in a digitally created world would subconsciously maintain the physical appearance that they had become accustomed to projecting.   Quoting the Morpheus character: “Your appearance now is what we call residual self-image. It is the mental projection of your digital self.”

While this was simply a construct idea for a movie, we observe that Ralph Waldo Emerson [founder of the Transcendentalism Movement] said, “You are what you think all day long,” and also encouraged each person to find, in his words, “an original relation to the universe.”

Relating these concepts, we at MDS believe that each of us has a unique and special relationship with creation, and we are here to improve on it by way of improving ourselves.  The self that we wish to be, however, starts by projecting that self in our minds as an optimized self-image.  Through correct fashioning of that mental image, along with its alignment with the unique talents of that mind, will produce a professional lifestyle surrounded with great achievements.


WE BELIEVE… that exponential growth must come through purposeful & unique experiences

WE BELIEVE… that purposeful & unique experiences are crafted by a deep knowledge of self

WE BELIEVE… that a deep knowledge of self produces an understanding of purpose

WE BELIEVE… that an understanding of purpose will enhance precise expectations

WE BELIEVE… that precise expectations sets the stage for authentic attainability

WE BELIEVE… that what we think is authentically attainable is bound to be truly manifested