Career Coach Rogers Vigne Reaches Two Amazon Best Seller Lists…

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Career Coach Rogers Vigne Reaches Two Amazon Best Seller Lists with Local Business Mavericks Volume 15

Local Business Mavericks featuring Rogers Vigne hits #1 on the Amazon.com Free Enterprise Best Sellers List.

Career Coach, Rogers Vigne, hit #1 on the Amazon.com Category Best Sellers List on September 7, 2017, for the release of Local Business Mavericks. The book also ranked No. 1 in the Free Enterprise category in Canada.

Local Business Mavericks Volume 15, is a compilation of 1on1 conversations with some of the top entrepreneurs in their industry. Each contributing author reveals their strategies for helping overcome the toughest obstacles standing in the way of their customer’s success. Mr. Vigne’s chapter is entitled: “Professional Fulfillment Through Self Discovery.”

Rogers states, “Knowing who you are is critical to building the foundation of discovering your true and best self. I’m the oldest of five brothers.  In this role that I was born into, coaching and mentoring and setting the bar for how to be successful was my first and highest priority.  I accepted this calling, and how I operated in it with my brothers grew to frame how I approached relationships with others in many areas of my life.  Finding a common desire, offering something that enhances the experience of that desire and finally evolving that offering over time [as the experiences call for something more].  This approach has had a huge effect on my ability to attract the types of people that have a desire to and are willing to grow and do greater things for themselves vs. those who do not. I found myself doing this for their friends, my friends, co-workers, fellow students. Coaching became a natural progression for me.“

As a natural mentor, combined with his education, it is no surprise that Rogers Vigne has had great success with his company My Digital Self, LLC. He has the passion, the experience, and the drive it takes to be a great career coach. He is truly in the industry to help others. In fact, that is what motivates Rogers the most is the satisfaction he finds in helping a client achieve success. Rogers truly believes that there is a very fulfilling career path for every aspiring professional. Through a series of assessment questions and activities, Rogers assist you in discovering what career would best fit your natural abilities, personality and financial desires. From there it is all about making a plan, getting started and sticking to it.


Local Business Mavericks Volume 15 is available on Amazon.com Kindle at http://www.amazon.com

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